Popular Female Singer Shows Off Her Vagina On Stage [Photo]

It is gradually becoming a norm both in Africa and the rest part of the world
that female celebrities now prefer going naked or semi naked on stage.

For long a time i've been trying to think about this to see if
i can understand why yet NO ANS yet.
Watch them, married and unmarried prefer going on red carpet, shooting
half naked, pantless and all that.

I once posted that of Mercy Johnson and mouths wagged, thou i no send!

Now look at this this pix and tell us what u think.........


  1. Lol....at least d gel had d good grace to keep it clean sha. Who's she and wats her name? We all saw Mercy's own, so give us details about this chick.

  2. Its not strange, if u can answer this questns: since when did we begin oral sex in naija, or when we began 2 do sex chat, phone sex, or when we began to do stripping in clubs. Al these are the cultures of the western world that have found its way into our heritage. People should condem d art of celebrities showing off their parts. Decency starts from us not them

  3. A popular female singer, what is her name?

  4. Well, it is nt really good atleast she has disgrace herself nt only her, she has also disgrace the girls too. Bt maybe that is hw she get attractive to guys don't blame her. Sexy girls if u need me in ur house for hot sex call me on 08179598992...klinzzy is my name

  5. Remember wen u point a finger at some1 d other 4 is pointin at u,pls lets nt judge


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